Most attractions in Yountville have something to do with wine, but there’s a surprising amount of variety even within that general area.  The Napa Valley Museum does contain a lot of information about wine, but has also put together some fascinating exhibits about Napa Valley culture and history. The museum emphasizes local art and literature, and if you’re interested in Napa Valley in general, you won’t be disappointed. Located at the President’s Circle, the museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day except for Tuesday and holidays. Admission is under $5 for everyone and small children are free.

It’s hard to choose among the dozens of wineries that surround Yountville, but the Pineridge Winery manages to distinguish itself from the rest. Its web site quotes a wine critic who deemed their 2001 vintage wine “lascivious.” The site goes on to describe the same wine as the “Halle Berry of wine.” These claims may or may not be true, but you’ll want to see for yourself by taking a tour of the vineyard and then stopping in for a free glass. Another good winery for sightseeing and samples is Jessup Cellars – it’s family owned, so you can expect a lot of personal attention. Odds are one of the Jessups will offer you a coupon for free tastings.