Beaver Creek Mountain was originally designed to accommodate skiers of all ability levels.  That design proved timeless and today the mountain is enjoyed by a variety of both winter and summer sports enthusiasts.

When George Townsend first settled the Beaver Creek Valley in 1881, he knew he'd found something special. In 1972, Vail continued the vision by purchasing the land and beginning a detailed planning process.  Before the resort was opened, it was named as a site for the 1976 Olympics, but political pressure in Denver kept the Vail Valley from realizing this dream. Construction continued, and on December 15, 1980, Beaver Creek opened to the public.

Major events have always found a home at Beaver Creek. In 1989, the resort hosted the World Ski Championships. In 1997, village-to-village skiing opened as Bachelor Gulch was joined to the Beaver Creek, and construction began on a new downhill course. The Birds of Prey ™, respected as one of the three most difficult World Cup descents, opened in time for the return of the World Ski Championships in 1999.  Beaver Creek is also growing in popularity as a summertime adventure destination and more and more events - such as the Ultra 100 mountain bike race and the US Half Marathon - are being hosted in the summer months.