Things to do in Canon City.  For starters, the rafting.  It's an obvious suggestion.  But it is a must. For a complete list of those that are state certified, please visit the CO state tourism website at  Next thing to do, would have to be the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.  The view is breathtaking.  The Incline Railway is a unique 5 minute ride that descends 1500 ft down into the gorge.  There's not much to do once you get down there, (especially if you have already taken the Royal Gorge Train)but it's still a noteworthy experience.  The Historic Royal Gorge Route Railroad also comes highly recommended on this Things To Do List.  Please note, it's not necessary to take the specialty cars.  The views are just as fantastic from coach.  Feel free to relax, take it easy and just sit back and enjoy the incredible view on the first leg of the trip.  Learn about the history of the Gorge and keep your eye out for those adventuresome rafters as they enjoy the Arkansas River rapids that run parallel to the railroad tracks.  Keep in mind that the view going there is the same one you're going to see coming back.  The open car is the most crowded in the beginning, so be patient and wait until it opens up on the way back.  Plus, on the way back, the train will stop at the unique suspension bridge and you will have a great photo opportunity of the Royal Gorge Bridge.  The Crème de la Crème has to be the Skyline Drive.  It's a one-way, single-lane road that has some steep drops on both sides.  If you can handle the drive, it is well worth it.  The views are spectacular.  On the one side you have the beautiful hillside and on the other you have the best bird's eye view of Canon City.  And finally, you shouldn't leave Canon City without stopping by the The Winery at the Holy Cross Abbey.  Even if you're not a wine lover, it's just such a beautiful photo opportunity.  This is a city that will not disappoint you!

There is a shooting range just East of town. Cactus Flats Shooting Range is near the intersection of CO 50 and CO 67 East of Canon City, Colorado. Take CO 67 North to the first intersection and turn right (East). Travel a short distance and you will see a sign on the right. . Cactus Flats has trap, skeet, 25 and 50yd rifle and pistol ranges open to the public 11am till dusk Thurs-Sunday.