The Creede Underground Mining Museum is a mine tour that was created by retired hard rock miners who once worked for mining companies in the area and who blasted tunnels into the side of the mountain for this museum.  To take the tour you don hard hats and waterproof jackets (since the mine can be wet) and go with experienced miners who describe not only the equipment but also the experience of working in the depths of a hard rock mine. Underground Mining Museum  is the link for more information about hours, prices, and displays.      

Now the tours can be taken with a portable CD unit that tells all about the various locations in the museum.  The jackets worn are because the tour is always cool underground.  It is a very worthwhile thing to do while visiting Creede, Co.  It is pretty neat when a person takes you on the tour which is offered twice a day in the summer months and by appointment the rest of the year. If you dont have a chance to tour with the guide, the CD's are well made and are OK.