The weather in Crested Butte is typical for a town located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The days during the summer months can get quite warm, and the winter months can get very cold. The two most popular seasons to visit Crested Butte are the summer and the winter, with the spring and fall being the slower seasons. Typically the official ski season begins at most of Colorado's ski resorts during the month of November.

Because of the location and high altitude of Crested Butte, the area usually receives plenty of snow in the winter. This is what helps to make Crested Butte's ski industry so successful and appealing to tourists from all over the world. During the summer months, Crested Butte can receive rainstorms, but they normally only occur during the afternoon hours.

Most cities and towns in the state of Colorado boast that they receive at least 300 days of sunshine every year. There is so rarely a cloudy day in Crested Butte that at one point in time, the owner of a local hotel decided to offer his hotel guests a free dinner on every cloudy day. Since cloudy days happen so rarely in Crested Butte, this hotel owner came out ahead of the game!