The City of Denver dates back to 1858 when gold was first discovered in the area. Because of the discovery, miners, and all of the others who hoped to strike it rich, flocked to the vicinity. The influx of people as well as the gold they were able to mine all added to the “boom” that the Denver area saw during this era. In 1870, railroads reached Denver and, by 1890, there were over one hundred thousand people in the city. The sheer number of new settlers as well as the wealth associated with the area is what put Denver and Colorado on the map.    

Unfortunately, there was a depression in 1893 which put a quick end to the wealth of Denver residents. Slowly, the city began to grow again, with the help of the local government promoting the development of other industries besides mining. Since the turn of the 20th century, Denver has seen many booms and busts, but has always recovered and strengthened as a result. Currently, there are three million people living in the greater metropolitan Denver area, and the economy is strong.