Ouray is such a great city because it offers equal parts beauty, history, and recreation. Learning about the fascinating mining history in this town is a must and luckily there are great and entertaining ways to do so.

You can begin your historical journey through Ouray at where else, but the Ouray Historical Museum. Housed in a hospital building dating back to the late 1800s, it features works from Ouray's beginning through the World War II era. Plenty of information on mining and the railroad elements that make up the city's identiy are presented and explained. Changing exhibits are regular occurrences so check with the website for an updated calendar.

Perhaps the most entertaining way to learn about Ouray and its surrounding area's past is to go on a jeep tour. Powerful jeeps will practically jet you up the mountains and bring you to the mines themselves. Charming tour guides will give you the inside dirt on the mining industry and city's past. Check out the following tour guides for more details:

To add to the great jeep tours, a ghost tour is equally fun!