Strawberry Park Hotsprings, located just 7 miles outside of downtown Steamboat, is a perfect balance of ruggedness and relaxation, with some emphasis on ruggedness.

There is no heat or electricity on the premises.  Therefore, if you plan to go at night, be prepared that you won't be able to enjoy the natural surroundings.  You will have difficulty seeing even a few feet in front of you; elderly travelers or those prone to falls may want to visit in daylight, as the pools are very rocky and uneven.

Recently, shower / toilet rooms have utility to the wilderness, but they are a bit of a walk from the pools, and again may be a challenge for older or impaired travelers.

The teepee changing rooms are unheated, so be prepared if you visit in winter!

There is also a massage cabin that offers several types of massage, including a water massage in a private pool. It is open during limited hours and is not available in the evening, so plan to call ahead if you're interested in this service.

The park allows you to camp or rent one of their rustic cabins, one of which is an old converted train car.

The handbuilt all-stone pools differ in temperature making the springs perfect for any liking and the overall seclusion combined with the natural style of construction makes Strawberrypark one of the most beautiful hotspings in the country. However,those seeking a truly relaxing, comfortable more "spa-like" experience should consider other alternatives.