Telluride is a skier's dream, a nature lover's paradise, and a city rich in interesting history. Although the obvious is to head here to enjoy the nature, sports and activities, reading up on the city's intirguing history can really make the city come all the more to life. The wild west's original Native American history leading to European discovery and a mining craze brings a sense of romance and mystery to Telluride. Learning about this and picking up a guide to the area will definitely enhance your stay.

For starters learn more about the area's intense history by looking into the following great books: "The Telluride Story" by David Lavender or " Historic Telluride" by Christian J. Buys

The legendary Butch Cassidy has a history in Telluride; he robbed his first bank here. If you are interested in learning more about this shady character, you'll enjoy "In Search of Butch Cassidy" by Larry Pointer or "Butch Cassidy: And the Wild Bunch" by Erin Delfoe and E. W. Allred.

For more guide-oriented books, the following are top choices: