The number one sport in the Town of Vail during the winter months is downhill skiing. Vail is one of the premier ski resort towns in the State of Colorado, and is also one of the most well-known resorts in the world. People come from all over the world to ski in Vail every year. However, don't overlook the thrill of backcountry skiing, the opportunity of a lifetime especially when done in the care of a professional commercial guide.

In addition to downhill skiing, Vail offers several other outdoor sports and activities for its visitors to enjoy.  Check out Adventure Ridge, located Vail Mountain, for tubing, ski biking and snowshoeing.  Ice skating is available at Dobson Ice Arena as well as the new outdoor rink at the Arrabelle at Vail Square.  The Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area, offers backcountry enthusiasts 52 miles of groomed, non-motorized trails for Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing  and 67 miles of motorized trails for backcountry snowmobiling.

In the summer, Vail offers visitors several types of outdoor sports and activities.  The Vail Valley is crisscrossed by miles of mountain bike singletrack that links the valley floor with the high alpine terrain above treeline.  Those who are not traveling with their own bikes can rent them at one of several retail stores in the village.  Vail also allows bikes to be taken on its gondolas, allowing riders to enjoy the fast-paced descents without the leg work involved in riding up the mountain.

Additional summertime outdoor activities include fly fishing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding. Vail has become something of a watersport mecca by virtue of being located close to the Eagle, Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers.

Fly fishing is also becoming extremely popular for the same reason. Try Minturn Anglers for more information.

Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing in Vail is becoming increasingly popular, and with easy access to #1 rated professional mountain guides in Vail, this should be on everyone's tick list.

While all of Vail's activities can be enjoyed unassisted, several local outfitters and guides do exist to assist visitors in their pursuit of adventure in the local mountains.  

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