Hartford is comprised of 17 different neighborhoods, all of which are different and unique in their own way.

Downtown/ Central Business District: The major center of business and culture for the city. Downtown is home to the CT Convention Center, Wadsworth Atheneum (the oldest public art museum in the nation), Old State House (the oldest state house in the nation), Hartford Stage, Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, Theater WorksState Capital & Legislative Office Building, Bushnell Park (America's first public park) and the Hartford Civic Center (home of the American Hockey League's Hartford Wolfpack). Downtown is also home some of the area's finest restaurants offering everything from Italian to Indian to Pan-American.

Shelden/ Charter Oak: Home of Sammuel Colt's Colt Firearms Factory which is being restored and renovated into residential, office, retail & museum space called Colt Gateway, the former Capewell Horsenails Co. which is being restored and renovated into residential and office space and Charter Oak Landing which offers recreational facilities and is the home of the Lady Fenwick which offers cruises of the river. 

Asylum Hill: Just west of downtown Asylum Hill is home to The Cathedral of Saint Joseph, the Trinity Episcapol Church and the Asylum Hill Congregational Church. Asylum Hill serves as the headquarters for AETNA and The Hartford and now serves as the main campus for the Connecticut Culinary Institute.


West End: Located on the West Hartford border the West End is home to the Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens, the State of CT Governor's Mansion, the University of Connecticut School of Law, the Hartford Seminary, the All Saints Orthodox Church, and an array of historic homes. Five sections of the neighborhood are on the National Register of Historic Districts (70% of the neighborhood).

Barry Square: Home of the prestigious Trinity College, Saint Augustine's Church, two monuments to commemerate Civil War officers, the Camp Field Branch of the Hartford Public Library.

Behind the Rocks: Home to the Thomas Memorial Hyland Park and is one the western border of Trinity College.

Blue Hills: Located in the northwest corner of the city Blue Hills is home to Watkinson School a private coeducational day school serving grades 6-12, Mount Sainai Hospital a Jewish hospital which back in the mid 1990's merged with Saint Francis Hospital which is the largest Catholic hospital in New England, the north branch of the Park River and on the northeast corner of Blue Hills is much of the University of Hartford's campus.

Clay/ Arsenal: One of Hartford's oldest neighborhoods this is primarily a residential neighborhood that does feature some businesses.

Frog Hollow: Home of Park Street which draws Hispanics from all over New England to shop in its stores and eat in it's restaurants which carry all kinds of Hispanic goods. On Park Street is El Mercado a spanish speaking market that has shoppes and serves as a socializing place that was visited by former president Bill Clinton during his time as president.

North East: Home to Keney Park which is one of the largest municipal parks in New England with 695 acres which include a golf course, cricket fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, and playgrounds. The neighborhood is also home to Spring Hill Cemetary which was founded back in 1845.

North Meadows: In the late 1900's the North Meadows became a center for business and industry. The area is home to the Dodge Music Center, the CT Expo Center, 14 car dealerships including BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Jaguar, Cadillac, Mini, Mazda Honda, Toyota & Nissan, as well as Riverside Park which is home to the Greater Hartford Jaycees Community Boathouse.

Parkville: The neighborhood today is home to many Portuguese families, The Missionaries of Our Lady of LaSalette (first North American order was in Hartford), Our Lady of Sorrows (Latin Mass on Sundays), popular restaurants including Lena's First & Last, Sully's Pub and O'Porto.

South Green: Home to Barnard Park, a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Place (Congress St from Wyllys to Morris), Hartford Hospital, the Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, the Institute of Living, and the Learning Corrdoir.

South Meadows: An industrial and commerical area along the river that is home to Hartford's Regional Market (a 35 acres facility with 185,000 square feet of warehouse space), the South Meadows Pumping Station, Brainard Field (for small aircrafts and flight instruction), Mid Connecticut Resource Recovery Facility which is home to the CRRA Visitors Center & Trash Museum, the Metropolitan District Water Pollution Control Plant and the Hartford Electric Light Co. One of the state's best restaurants for seafood is the USS Chowder Pot IV.

South End: Franklin Avenue is home to numerous Italian bakeries and restaurants which are owned by many people who have connections to one of Hartford's sister cities which is Floridia, Sicily, Italy. The South End is also home to some very well known Mexican restaurants and the Hunger Strikers Memorial on Maple Avenue. Bakeries along Franklin Avenue include Modern Pastry ShopMozzicato De Pasquale Bakery & Pastry Shop, South End Bakery, Roma Bakery and D&D Market.


South West: Home to Cedar Hill Cemetery which is a landscaped park style open space. Sammuel Colt, J.P. Morgan, the Galludets and poet William Stevens are buried here. The 270 acre facility features open space, woodland, wetlands, ponds which all provide a habitat for wildlife .

Upper Albany: Home to the beginning of Albany Avenue which is one of the oldest roads in the state as served as the main route from Providence, RI to Albany, New York. Today the area is home to a large number of African Americans, Puerto Ricans and West Caribbeans. Albany Avenue is still a vibrant steet filled with restaurants and shops.

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