Boca Grande is the perfect place to explore and enjoy the nature on the island.

The beaches are world class for finding a beautiful variety of shells and fossilized shark teeth. Within your first day of searching, you will find sand dollars, star fish, conch shells, fossilized shark teeth, fossilized vertebrate bones,and a variety of gorgeous shells of various colors and patterns. The incredible beaches are covered in soft, white sand, and gorgeous warm waters. They also provide spectacular sunsets for your party.

In the evenings, enjoy the warm air and go for a walk. The specatacluar night skys are amazing; free from major city lights. During certain times of the year, giant sea turtles come to shore and lay eggs ( you may not disturb them in any way. ) You also may see the signs of a nest, or the abandond shells of baby turtles that have returned to sea.

The main beach areas ( with public parking ) have a nice mix of locals and vacationers that enjoy the great sun rays, a real island setting and feel, and a warm ocean that  provides just enough waves to body-surf and boogie board. Try renting a beachside house and walk to your own beach which offers you a few hundred feet of space between you and others groups to enjoy the ocean. This in essence will become the majority of a successful trip on this island; lots of spending time along the beach and enjoying its natural wonder. It is very important to bring the appropriate sandals for this saltwater excursion. The two best choices are Rainbow Sandals (men and women) and Salt Water Sandals for women. they are both comfortable and will alow you to navigate the island well. 

Another great opportunity is the world class fishing. There are a variety of sport fish in this area of the Gulf, and Boca Grande has some the best tarpon fishing in the world. Approximately 5,000 tarpon are caught here, these can weigh up to 90lbs,and is known as some of the best sport fishing in the world. There are many fantastic local outfits to get you on the water reeling in champions!