When lying on a sunny Boca Raton beach, make sure to take along a good read. While any good summer hit will do, no matter what the topic, Boca Raton herself stars in many novels and history books, so if you would like to read something a little more apropos to your travels, try one of the following, or seek out another Boca-based read:

    One excellent read is Leon Berger's Survival in Boca Raton. While it may sound like a travel aid, this charming book is actually a collection of 33 short stories that capture touching life moments occurring in Boca Raton and elsewhere.

    Also take some beach time with the short read Once Upon a Time: the Story of Boca Raton by Stanley Johnson. This book is a historical account tracing the story of the Boca Raton Hotel and Club while also looking at the city itself that developed around it.