The beaches of Cape Canaveral can be considered a hidden treasure of the Space Coast, since many people use the beaches of Cocoa Beach, the next city south. The key to this hidden treasure? The locals work, on their own time, to maintain its beauty, especially the dunes. Enjoy the beauty, the teamwork of the city, the locals, and mother nature who have worked SO HARD to maintain and preserve. The locals, ask one thing of you: PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DUNES. Each time you step in the dune, whether to find a new path, avoid people, or just because, know that you are irreparably damaging years of hard work, and endangering the safety of the environment around the dunes. These dunes are not only beautiful treasures-they keep the houses near the beach safer from hurricanes, prevent beach erosion, shelter wildlife nests, and are home to many species of plants and animals. Please take into consideration those who remain once your vacation ends. Thank you.