Canaveral's Seashore including the world famous Port Canaveral is a sleepy area known more for Rocket Launches than restaurants.  However if you're in the know, dining should be a breeze.

Starting to the northern most part of Canaveral at its Port you can find Rusty's, Redheads, Fishlips and Grills.  Each of these restaraunts has a bar and tend to have their own specialties whether it's seafood or sandwiches.  There's also a small but excellent deli known simply as The Smokehouse where Jackie and Wes offer up everything from fish to beef on their menu.

As you travel south, you'll find the normal MacDonalds and Wendy's but you'll regret passing up such places as Zachary's or Thai Thai II a local sushi bar that's to die for.  The Radisson on A1A has its own restaurant Flamingos and is know for its wonderful buffet on Saturday night and don't forget Kelsey's Pizzaria that's right on the beaten path too.

Okay, That's pretty much it for the City of Cape Canaveral and its Port. For more indepth information you might want to consider going to Cocoa Beach Fishing as they have much information about Canaveral and the adjacent town of Cocoa Beach.