Two things you should know to enjoy yourself at Clearwater Beach is when the sun is strongest and "the Manta Ray Shuffle".  Avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm to avoid serious burns. The sun is very strong during these hours and a person can burn very quickly.

The Manta Shuffle references a way to walk in the surf to help protect against inadvertently stepping on a Manta Ray. They don't want to be stepped on any more than we want to step on them but they can't avoid our normal walking stride and we can't see them.  The Manta Shuffle is a happy medium where the swimmer walks heavily without lifting the feet (much). This makes vibrations that warns them that we are approaching so that they can move out of our way.

Sharks attacks are rare but do sometimes occur. Several attack survivors have reported that they were released after hitting the shark in the eyes or the gills. This, of course, might not work so the best idea is to swim only in areas where a lifeguard is on duty.  (This is also not a failsafe but at least there is someone nearby to come to your aid). Look for the color of the flag flying at the lifeguard's station. Purple indicates the possible presence of "marine pests".   This does not equate to a shark having been seen. The purple could also indicate jelly fish or something of that nature.

For anyone wanting more information on beach safety, this ebook has great information: "How to Be Safe From Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays, Rip Currents and other Scary Things on Florida Beaches and Coastal Waters".  You can download it at: