There are several taxi cab companies serving Clearwater and Clearwater Beach 

Recognize the signs of a legitimate taxi to ensure the driver meets minimum standards for safety, including a background check for criminal activity and driving history. A vehicle from a legitimate taxi fleet will have a standardized color scheme and a meter. The operating permit and rates should be posted so that they are visible from outside the taxicab.

There is also a free courtesy shuttle - a golf cart with palm froms on the roof that will take you anywhere on the island. Now the facts are as follows:

Clearwater Beach is no more then 4 blocks wide - and only 3 1/2 miles long. So how does the fare jump to 12.00? Fuel surcharge - this little button the unethical drivers will hit it several times real quick when you are not watching to pad your fare. NO cab ride on the island should be more then 5 bucks. Here is the other "SCAM" and the biggest most finest resorts arte more guilty of it then the small mom & pop places. DO NOT USE the hotel concierge to arrange your airport taxi ride. Seeyou will "tip" them 5.00 for handling this - and then the bellmen and concierge is charging the cab drivers 15.00 - 20.00 for every single airport run they give them. IF as a cab driver you do not grease their palm - you will not get any airport calls. But who is paying for this scam? YOU - the unknowing tourist. IF you book through the hotel expect a ride to Tampa Airport to cost 60.00 or possibly more. It is better to book directly with a cab driver you like - most will charge only 40.00 - 45.00 

There are so many cabs on Clearwater Beach all you have to do is stand by the road for 5 minutes and someone will come along... just figure in your head about 2.00 per mile and that is what your fare should be. There are rip off cabbies and honest ones..... when you find one you like - keep their name and number - that is who you can use for your all your needs.

Legitimate taxi services in Clearwater include,St.Pete Clearwater Airport shuttle ,United Taxi, B.A.T.S. and a few others.