Coral Gables has a public transportation system that benefits both from its own municipal funds as well as from an extensive and superb set of rail and bus service that interconnects Miami-Date.  

In a nod to the city’s historical pride and obsession with pre-meditated residential convenience, Coral Gables’ vintage trolley service—launched only three years ago—is silly looking but incredibly helpful.  For one thing, it’s free.  Second, its operation within the commercial district is relatively frequent.  Third, its engines are eco-friendly, using hybrids as part of the city’s Urban Improvement Program.  Suffice it to say the city’s trolley program is not mere decorative nostalgia but exists as a practical web of links between home, work, and leisure.

Greater Miami-Dade county offers Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover services.  Metromover links buildings, hotels, and retail centers, primarily in Miami.  Metrobus and Metrorail stations help to connect Coral Gables to the rest of the state, so visitors will find it easy to visit attractions and to attend events outside of city limits.