The Daytona Beach area has an amazing variety of architecture.  From shiny new condos to historic neighborhoods with turn-of-the centrury charm, it feels like there's a surprise around every corner.  The beachside itself is a study of contrasts.  Modern high-rises side-by-side with tiny 1960s-era cottages.  Most of these "Mom & Pop" properties are loving maintained and they often exhibit back-home details like welcome mats, personalized signs, wall murals and pool side BBQs.  You could spend weeks exploring Daytona Beach's downtown area.  Just down the street from historic buildings that house eateries, boutiques and antique malls, you'll find a neighborhood of amazing two-story residences with styles as diverse as their owners. There's even a B&B or two mixed in, so you can settle in, hit the tree-lined sidewalks, and explore at your own pace.