Primarily there are four Hotspot Hubs in Ft. Lauderdale for the Club and Party Scene:

The Beach, Las Olas Blvd, River Front and The New Hard Rock Seminole Hotel Complex.

The Beach:

The Beach area is located right off of A1A and Las Olas Boulevard. The first thing you will notice on this corner is a Double Decker bar called "Elbo Room"  It is a staple of the beach, being one if not the eldest of all bars on the beach.  On the First Floor contemporary rock is played on the juke box and there are also live bands.  Second Floor is house and Dance Music.  It is mostly geared toward the beach crowd and you will see a bevy of people dressed accordingly.

As you move up the the beach you will find an assortment of restaurant and live shows geared to many musical tastes from Flamenco to Jazz. The cuisine is also diverse so there is something for every taste, even the resurgence of Sushi which had been missing for two years.  There are shops that are open late and offer beach apparel and other interesting items.  You may even want to get a tattoo while you party the night away.  Once you get to "Beach Place" this is were you will find a conglomeration of shops eateries, bars and nightclubs in a multilevel complex.  As a footnote there is quite a lot of development happening along the beach and this should give way to more diversions as there will be more storefronts in the coming years.

Las Olas Blvd:

Here you will find a more mature and relaxed time.  Walk along the streets and you will undoubtedly be subdued by the aromatic bouquets of some of Ft. Lauderdale's finest restaurants. There are some good places for drinks as Mango's drums up a carribean beat and live bands.   The late 20's and early 30's crowd goes west of Federal Highway for contemporary entertainment and cocktails. 

  Young Circle, Hollywood:

Young Circle is also a good night spot, not as fancy as Las Olas... but an up and coming area and lots of fun in the evenings. There are a few, jazz, rock and latin clubs, and lots of restaurants with musicians outside.   Head down US1 towards Miami and when you get to Hollywood Boulevard, you are there.

River Front:

Nestled near the train tracks is another Multi level and diverse area to tickle your night time fancy.  You will be hard pressed not to find a good spot here to entertain yourself for it has a feel of Mardi Gras, especially during spring break when the streets are so congested that traffic is banned from traversing it.  Of note VooDoo lounge remains a strong party spot for dance/hip hop and electronica. Tarpon Bend is always a magnet for after work and all thorugh the night crowds, catering to Rock. Capone's and The PorterHouse are the "meet markets" of the are and worth a look just for the fun of it.  This area has so many offerings you will have to take a couple of nights just to do some of them.

River Front Update:

VooDoo Lounge is now Off the Hookah with Live performances and as festive as ever.

The New Hard Rock Seminole Hotel Complex:

Quite a short drive to State Road 7 (or 441 as it is know to locals) and Stirling Road is the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Offering the most amount of diverse entertainment.  From 4 different mega night clubs and a slew of bars to whet any afficionados appetite the Hard Rock should be experienced at least once if you are aserious party goer.  Due to that it is on an Indian Reservation (Leased by the Indians) The Clubs and Bars are opened until Dawn so should you have a lot of energy to expend this is definitely the place for you.

Wilton Manors:

Is an alternative lifestyle community within the Fort Lauderdale area for the GBLT (gay, bi-sexual, lesbian & transgender) community packed with bars and restaurants ranging from Sushi to Italian and dance clubs to a sports bar all located on the main drive and all walking distance in a fun clean safe neighborhood.