For a city the size of Gainesville, you can find a fairly diverse selection of restaurants.

If it's the Chain restaurants you want, just head over to Archer Road and you'll find everything from Outback Steak House, Olive Garden, Moe's, Panera Bread, Carrabas, On The Border etc. There is also a Red Lobster just off Newberry near Oaks Mall.

For the best traditional sushi in town go to Ichiban off NW 43rd Street. If you want a more trendy Asian fusion, Dragonfly is the best option on 2nd Ave. in downtown followed by Liquid Ginger on SE 2nd Place. Liquid Ginger has good lunch prices, but both are pricey restaraunts overall. Saigon Cafe on University Ave. is a more reasonble priced option for Sushi if you're not as concerned with atmosphere or quality.

Chop Stix is another choice for Sushi and much, much more. Located on SW 13th St., Chopstix  is a reasonably priced restaurant (many dishes $7-$11) offering "Pan Asian" cuisine with dishes from Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam. The atmosphere is wonderful, overlooking a small lake with alligators and herons. Service can be slow so plan to spend some time.

Chinese is still kind of a messy situation in Gainesville. Szechuan Panda on 13th is as good a place as any. It's all about the same, and it's all kind of mediocre. There are a few Asian grocery stores in Gainesville though, and the owners there are usually happy to make the best recommendations on dishes done well by what restaraunts.

Mexican is a little better situation. La Tienda on SW 13th is probably one of the better traditional style Mexican places. This is Florida, so it's all pretty much Tex Mex. If you're not into a sit down meal, Burrito Brothers is a good alternative. El Norteno isn't too bad either.

Thai isn't really in a good way either. Bahn Thai is probably the better option, but it's not great. If you're really needing some Thai that's your best option. Thai Fusion Cafe's is owned by people who owned a pretty good (but marginally pricey) Thai food option called Marghot. They seem to get mixed reviews though.

If you want good Italian or French food you better like driving because you'll have to head to Tampa for any good quality in those types. If you have the skills of cooking, go to Fresh Market off of NW 43rd Street to get your ingredients. They tend to carry some more gourmet ingredients than Publix. 

For a few years Leonardo's By The Slice on University Ave was about the only one that even came close to decent pizza. Since then, two other places have opened that offer more than acceptable pies. For decent NY style pizza try Big Lou's on South Main St. If you crave something a bit more gourmet with a unique and delightful atmosphere, check out Satchell's pizza on NE 23rd Ave. They have wonderful salads too. Often there will be live music in a coffee house type setting.

For Indian Food try Indian Cuisine off of SW 34th Street, past Archer road. This was the place that was on Archer rode before, so if you remember and liked that place, this is where it was moved to. It's in a strip mall, and while the food is a little pricey, it's the best in Gainesville. In particular, their Naan (Indian bread) is out of this world. They have a buffet for lunch for $8 and a full menu at dinner time. Closed mondays. A lot of restaraunts skimp out on the lunch buffet, but they do it right, so if you're a poor college student, the lunch buffet is where it's at.