Medieval Times is a dinner theater and tournament, with several locations throughout the country.  Tickets are available at the Medieval Times website or other ticket agencies.

The Kissimmee, FL Castle is the flagship location, opening in December 1983.  The arena seats 1,100 guests and offers performances every evening.  Outside of the castle is a Medieval Village which can be toured before or after the show and features displays of crafts, tools, and especially memorable torture devices

Each guest is given a colored crown which corresponds to their seating area and represents the knight that they will support.  Guests are encouraged to cheer on their knight and boo the other knights.  The show begins with a greeting from King Alfonso and his daughter, Princess Esperanza.  Guests are served by serfs or wenches, starting with vegetable soup, followed by roast chicken, spare ribs, half of a potato, and a pastry.  No silverware is allowed.  Soft drinks are included and there is cash bar service. 

The show features a tournament between six Knights of the Realm in the flag toss, ring pierce, and javelin throw, followed by some exciting jousting and foot combat with authentic medieval weapons.  One brave knight is left at the end to claim the title of New Champion.  After the show, guests can visit the Knights Club and mingle with the Knights and Royalty.