If you've had enough of the beach and bar scene, jai alai is a great change of pace for the afternoon. Miami Jai Alai's "fronton," or arena, is located in a somewhat derelict neighborhood near the airport, but don't let the location scare you off.

The sport has seen a decline in popularity with competition from other gambling outlets, but that's a shame. It's fun, fast and probably unlike anything you can see at home. (You might remember it from the opening sequence of Miami Vice -- the TV show, not the movie.) It involves teams of two or singles using a curved wicker basket to hurl a hard rubber ball at a wall... a written description won't do it justice. It's something you have to see to appreciate the skill and strategy. Once you get an idea about what's going on with the game, you can make cheap wagers and cheer for your chosen teams.

Best of all, you're sure to find some local expert who will explain what you're watching and share his love of the sport. It's a true Miami tradition and a fun, inexpensive way to spend an afternoon or evening.