While in Naples, the Naples Pier is not to be missed!

Extending way out into the Gulf of Mexico, the pier is the perfect place at all times of day.  In the afternoon, walking to the edge of the pier and staring into the gorgeous Gulf water while enjoying the Florida sun is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the area.  Looking for a place to fish?  There are many spots on the pier to cast your line into the water; and you're not required to have a license. Coffee, smoothies, popsicles and similar food are available from a kiosk located midway down the pier. And once the sun goes down, a moonlit stroll is incredibly romantic, whether you're with a loved one of just looking for a way to relax.  The cool air, the starry skies and the waves gently crashing on the beach below create a scene that is almost surreal.

And to top it all off, access to the pier is free!  The only problem is finding a nearby parking spot during the daytime hours, but even then the walk is worth what waits on the pier!