Amid the quiet charm of Naples, get ready to hear roaring lions, singing siamangs, and laughing hyenas in southwest Florida’s only nationally accredited zoo. Just a mile from world-class beaches,  get wildly close to big cats,  have fun chatting with keepers, and cruise on a guided boat tour past islands of monkeys, lemurs, and apes. Naples Zoo is the only zoo in Florida featuring all four of Africa’s top predators including the endangered African wild dogs. 

Between the exciting wildlife shows like Planet Predator and Serpents:Fangs & Fiction, relax in the Florida sunshine or picnic in the shade of giant trees in this 52-acre historic garden founded in 1919. Toured by a quarter million guests of all generations a year, Naples Zoo was voted “Best Place for Kids” by regional publications.  Come rediscover natural fun!

Fans of the Madagascar animated films, take note.  Naples Zoo is the only zoo in the southeast to have fosas.  Visit the new exhibit featuring two of the rare Madagascar predators. 

The newest exhibit is Black Bear Hammock - the largest black bear exhibit at any Association of Zoos & Aquariums accredited zoo east of the Mississippi.  Two black bears have taken up residence in the new exhibit, which features both a natural habitat and a "back yard" habitat, to show what happens when bears wander into areas inhabited by humans.