The best attraction of New Smyrna Beach is, of course, the beach itself.  However, there are a number of different ways to experience this attraction.  The beach located near Flagler Avenue affords access to the shops and restaurants on Flagler Avenue.  Access to food and a break from the sun, along with the public bathrooms and showers, make this a nice place to spend the day.   Everything that you need for a day at the beach is within walking distance.  This is definitely the beach where all the action is, and is popular with surfers.  For more peace and quiet, consider one of the beach access points further south, which are generally less populated but also have more limited access to refreshment.  For a more natural experience, try Canaveral National Seashore Park, on the southern end of NSB, or Smyrna Dunes Park on the northern end.  This county park is accessible primarly by elevated boardwalks and is surrounded on three sides by water.  It makes a serene place for a day of picnicing or sunbathing.  No matter which beach you chose, you will find the weather to be quite temperate and the beaches to all be relatively uncrowded.   

Art life is thriving through out New Smyrna Beach with galleries and events constantly happenin'. One shop that cannot be missed is Galleria di Vetro, A Unique Experience in Glass. Located at 310 Flagler Avenue this shop features both world famous artist, such as Hans Godo-Frabel and John Blazy as well as local artist, such as Kyle Carni and James Stanford. The Galleria is known for their architectural installations for both commercial and residential spaces, customs pieces and even classes in all different forms of glass. Another event that cannot be missed is Flagler's Art Walk which takes place every fourth Saturday of the month. There are live glassblowing demonstrations and free wine tasting - all while live jazz fills the air. 

River cruises along the Indian River are available onboard The Manatee, which leaves out of a dock off of Riverside Drive.  It's a great way to get a look at the area from a different perspective, and to learn about its history.  There is an abundance of wildlife in the area, much of which you might not otherwise be aware of. 

In addition to the shopping on Flager Avenue, Canal Street offers numerous shops, particularly antique shops, along a pleasant main street.  There are a couple of breakfast and lunch options along the way, and you can walk to the riverfront park from Canal Street as well.  Outdoor events and festivals are often held in the park throughout the year.