Silver Springs Park, is Ocala's "oldest" amusement park.   At Silver Springs, you can walk nature trails, walk around the petting zoo, feed the girrafes and hit up their many animal shows.  Also in that area, is the kids area ... a play area with a merry-go-round for the kiddos to ride. 

If you prefer something a little more slow paced (and maybe a little less smelly), hit up their tours of the SILVER RIVER =)  The most popular attraction, is their Glass Bottom Boats.  Take a ride, in an antique, electric glass bottom boat, while your captain tells you all about the springs you are riding over.  It's about a 20 minute boat ride.  Keep looking down in the water - you never know what you'll see.  Don't forget to bypass the different and "wild" things you may see on land, while out on the boat too.  Another boat ride, talking more about the history of the Silver River.  You ride down this smaller river, off of the main Silver River and ride through the story of the Silver River, also in a boat with a glass bottom.  The Lost River Voyage, another boat ride, will take you to an area where they are keeping and rehabilitating injured animals.  You never leave the boat, but get to see the injured animals and see how they're cared for.   There's also a ride up the tower, to see ALL of the springs from a "Birds eye view" .... the park is older, so it doesn't compare to the "up to date, modern parks" - but if you're looking for a relaxing day, without a ton of people to battle, Silver Springs is a great place to come.

 Adjacent to Silver Springs, in the same parking lot, is Wild Waters.  Ocala's water park.  With many water slides, a wave pool, a little kids area and a big kids area ... this is a GREAT place to cool off in the hot summers of Florida.  Rent a cabana poolside for the day =)  Cabana boys/girls not included. 

 It's located right off of Highway 40, right off of Interstate 75.   When you exit off highway 40, you'll drive down 40, while getting to see downtown Ocala.

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