Disney has so many rides and attractions that even your toddlers can enjoy:


Magic Kingdom:  Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (even if it has a long line get in it--the ride never stops so the line moves quickly), Mickey's Toontown Fair, Dumbo (go to this one as soon as the park opens--it is very popular and late in the afternoon the line is a mile long and moves slowly), Tea Cups (you can make it spin as fast as you want or just let is slowly coast along for the little ones), Adventures of Pooh (ride in cute little honey pots), Peter Pan's Flight (if you little one is really scared of the dark or going up a little high you may not want to do this one but if not it is really cute), Small World, Mickey's Philharmagic (best 3-D ever), Aladin's Flying Carpet and Jungle Cruise.  Do not miss Spectromagic Parade and Wishes Fireworks.  Do not do Snow Whites Scary Adventure unless you have a true brave one--it is dark and scary.

Animal Kingdom: Do the Safari first thing in the morning to see the most animals, walk through the Trail and the Trek,  do not miss the Lion King Show and Flights of Wonder (unless your little one is really scared of birds because they fly right over your heads--most kids love it though).  Go down to Camp Minnie Mickey.  If they do not mind getting wet Kali River rapids is fun too.  Take the train down to Rafiki's Planet Watch to a little petting zoo.  Let them dig and play at the Boneyard and the Tricertop Spin is like a Dumbo ride but with flying dinosaurs.  Note: even if your little one thinks they like Dinosaurs and want to ride the ride--even if they make height requirement be aware that it IS SCARY!

MGM: Fun character meet and greets with the Power Rangers, Little Mermaid Show is good (has one sort of scary part with Ursula), Playhouse Disney Live On-Stage, Backlot Tour, Beauty and the Beast Show, Lights Motors Action Show (a little loud but the kids seem to love it anyway because it is exciting), and they LOVE to play in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground!!!  Fantasmic is a great show but may scare some little ones--would recommend sitting near the back so you could leave if you had to. The Stars and Motor Cars parade is great because all of the characters ride in it and many even walk and come right up to the kids. 

Epcot: Living Seas, Turtle Talk with Cruch is FUNNY, Living with the Land, Journey Into Immagination with Figment , Honey I Shrunk the Audience is SCARY in parts so be aware of this and don't let the name fool you, Test Track for the braver ones, go to all of the Kidcot Stops for crafts, just many many things to see (try to catch some of the street performers).

Typhoon Lagoon is the best water park for little ones.


AirHeads Trampoline Arena is the best non theme park place to take the little ones. They can jump around and play in the arcade! There is a special area dedicated for the little ones to jump.