Without a doubt, the best time of the year to visit Panama City is during the winter. This is when you will get the best chance of warm weather and sunshine on a regular basis without the temperatures being overbearingly hot. If you visit in the spring or summer, Florida is extremely humid and hot, and it is just not very comfortable. Visiting in the fall is not too bad, but if you live in the North and have to deal with the cold winters, it is nice to take a warm break in Panama City in the winter. Panama City is known all over the country for its great beaches and waters, and during the winter they are at their peak. Though the water isn't extremely warm, it is still very pleasant. Another good thing about visiting during the winter is that there are more tourists in the area. This isn't exactly a terrific thing because it means hotels and restaurants will have more patrons, and the beaches will be more crowded. However, with more visitors, that means bars will have better entertainment and activities, there will be more group tours and things to do during the day, and rates will be fair. The only thing you should do it plan your trip well in advance, and you should be all right. No matter when you are going to Panama City, you should definitely bring shorts and a t-shirt. You'll want to have as little clothing as possible. In the winter, you should probably have a sweatshirt or light jacket as well.