Pensacola is a safe spot for tourists to visit and families should feel free to bring children of all ages.  However, travelers should be aware that being on vacation in a new area always puts people at a little bit of risk.  Knowing the dangers ahead of time can keep travelers from being caught off guard.

Crime:  Although Pensacola travelers are generally not at any great risk of crime, precautions should be taken for self-protection.  Theft from vehicles and occasionally actual theft of rental cars has been known to occur in the area so visitors should always obtain proper insurance, park in lighted areas and lock car doors.  Petty theft sometimes occurs in high traffic areas so visitors should always be aware of their surroundings and keep belongings under watch.

Heat:   One of the major causes of health concern in the area is the heat.   Though it doesn’t get severely hot, it stays warm enough that visitors must remember to stay hydrated.   Drinking a lot of water and staying shaded from the sun are important in Pensacola during every month of the year.   More information on sun safety can be found at .   Additional information about heat related information is provided by the Red Cross at .