A few considerations to ponder before finalizing a vacation rental home property.

 Everyone knows that FL is one of the leaders in Foreclosures on oceanfront properties, and alot of those are investment rental homes. SGI is no execption to that rule. This is not meant to scare folks, it's meant to warn folks of what they need to be asking and looking for when reserving a rental home.

Try and ask and/or look for properties to rent that are not for sale. I have found that homes that are for sale or maybe even at foreclosure, generally, may not be as nice and/or as furnished with the things that it once had when times were better, because owners are selling and removing items to keep afloat. Rental homes may have a pool or hot tub/spa, but they may no longer be maintained.. If you are looking for a home with an exterior spa/hot tub, make sure that your final price either includes or does not include optional heat for those amentities. Make sure you understand the difference in an interior jacuzzi and an outdoor spa/hot tub. Also, if it is for sale, most rental contracts state that you as a renter must allow an agent to show the home to a potential buyer with an hours notice, so do you want to have to be bothered with the thought of annoyances of buyers looking thru a rental home that you are vacationing in while on vacation?

Look for a homes specific owner website if they have one, and talk to the owners direct to find out the details if possible. Management companies are sometimes slow to update their photos and amenties page for a home, and it may change from time to time.

If you book a home that is for sale, remember, if it sells to a new owner, or is foreclosed on, the management company will try and put you in a comporable one, or give you a refund if applicable, but you run more of a risk in booking a house that has an uncertain future. If your rental is during the summer months, know ahead of time that rental selections are very limited at the last minute.

Ask around for home recommendations, there are some gems of houses that have lots of amentities still, but they are mainly always in high demand, because of the dedication of the owners to provide quality to their renters. Remember, you get what you pay for, and in todays market you may not even get that.

Get to know the owners you rent from, alot of times, owners love or even try and prefer dealing with their renters direct. 

Finally, remember, this not only applies to SGI, but applys to alot of vacation rentals.

Just make sure that you ask all the questions up front, in todays real estate market, you'll never know what tomorrow will bring.

Enjoy !!!