Lightning is a big concern in Florida.  In the period between 1959 and 1993, three times as many people were killed by lightning as by drowning in Florida. According to the National Weather Service Lightning Information Center, Florida has the highest number of lightning casualities of all the 50 states. Take special care if you see lightning or hear thunder to get out of the water and take cover.

A lot of visitors and potential residents express concerns about hurricanes. Pinellas County encompasses the peninsula the reaches down from Tampa and divides Tampa Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. The peninsula is about ten miles wide and there is only one major road (275) running in and out of the city.  For this and the low lying nature of the land, this is not a place you would want to be in a severe (3 or better) hurricane. The good news is that you have plenty of warning and provided that you take heed of any warnings from the authorities to evacuate when necessary, you have much more to be concerned about from lightning and traffic accidents.

St. Petersburg is just as safe as any other city of its size. That being said, it basically comes down to not being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the interactive database CrimeTracker Interactive can help you there. This interactive database lets you select an area on the map and see what kind of crimes have been reported and where. Follow the link, scroll down and click on St. Petersburg on the map.  This will give you a map of St.Petersburg and a list of crime types to select from. Pinellas County is one of the most populous counties in Florida so don't be surprised at the number of dots. Where there are a lot of people, there is a lot of crime. The same precautions you use at home will probably serve you well here.  It is worth pointing out that, although the Tampa/St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area is last on the list of the most dangerous metropolitan areas (2004?), St. Petersburg alone is not on the list of most dangerous cities. At the time the statistics were gathered, Tampa ranked 9th between Baltimore, MD and Gary, IN.