Osgood Point/Clam Bayou Nature Park in Gulfport

Osgood Point is in Gulfport, between the Gulfport Marina and Clam Bayou.  What had been a busy boat yard in the 1960s, then a dump, was cleaned and restored in the 1990s.   The resulting 10-acre nature preserve now called Clam Bayou Nature Park is located south of 29 th Avenue South, on Miriam Street.   It's well worth a stop to see "Old Florida" close up.

Go walk the park nature trails at Osgood Point,  just east of the Gufport Marina. The harbormaster staff can direct you there--drive past the boat launch and around the east side to the end, where there is parking. 

The nature preserve lets you see several environments, including oak and palmetto vegetation, mangrove forests and "mangrove islands,"  oyster bars and mud flats at low tide, and the estuary ecosystem of the bayou opening to Boca Ciega bay.  Birds abound and manatees and dolphins can be sighted.

 There are crushed shell paths through sea grapes and mangrove stands, with decks out over the water.  The paths are very accessible and a nice way to see water birds, bald eagles, mangrove islands close up, and the oyster-laden mud bay bottom.  Egrets wade the waters, looking for fish.  Mullet jump.  This is the way it was here in Florida before development.

It's nice to see the restoration and preservation of this area. It was the Osgood family's boat building area maybe 30-50 years ago, then was cleaned up and made into a park. There is good fishing in the pass out between the marina and Boca Ciega Bay.