Gulf Winds Track Club ( GWTC) emerged from a jogging class begun by Jeff Galloway, 1972 Olympic 10,000 meter runner.  A group of local joggers, runners and coaches calling themselves "Gulf Winds Track Club" met periodically for a year or so to plan and conduct road races, track meets and other events.  In early 1975, the name became official and the Club was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1977.

Today's GWTC includes joggers, runners, race walkers and triathletes of all levels of ability and training, whether they participate for competition, fitness or personal and social events.  Club newsletters, social meetings and lecture series inform members of local and regional events and foster the exchange of information about training and other aspects of running, racing and fitness. 

The Club offers:

  • Annual Awards Programs
  • Guidance for local groups holding races
  • Race calendar coordination of area runs
  • Race equipment rental
  • Course measurement and certification
  • Weekly training runs and track workouts
  • Boot Camp for Runners
  • Lecture series
  • Family friendly social events
  • Website:
  • Full race schedule of varied terrain and distances
  • Support of the City of Tallahassee's summer track programs

To see a calendar of events, see the Gulf Winds Track Club website is: