The main mode of public transportation in Tallahassee is StarMetro (formerly Taltran) which operates the bus system servicing the city.  The buses are good for limited area travel downtown (and very limited outlying areas) and is intended to get you from one place to another relatively efficiently.  Fares range from $1.25 per ride to $10.00 for a 7 day pass or $38.00 for a monthly pass. Information about schedules can be found at

StarMetro buses run Monday through Saturday (mainly along routes used by area students) with limited Sunday and holiday service, but can offer visitors a tour through some of the downtown historic areas of Tallahassee.   Some major downtown sites and shopping centers can be accessed by the StarMetro system (although not the airport).  The bus system underwent a major rerouting in July, 2011.  While every bus used to depart from the downtown station, now service is decentralized with tranfer points available throughout the city.  Expect that locals will not be able to help guide you on use of the new system, as it has undergone such extensive changes.  The bus drivers are extremely helpful, though.

FSU campus buses circle around the campus for a nice 10 minute tour of the perimeter of campus at no charge.  Campus buses that say "off-campus" will stray a bit further afield to some popular student housing areas, but always circle back to the FSU campus, taking no more than 20 minutes to complete their entire route.  FSU Campus buses can be identified both by their garnet and gold colors and the bus number preceded by a "U".  FAMU campus buses require a FAMU student ID. 

Visitors interested in traversing a wider area of the city have to rent a car.  Car rentals are available in downtown locations and at the airport.  

While major airlines serve the Tallahassee area, Amtrak service (as part of the former Sunset Limited line) is still suspended as it was never reinstated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.