Most people who go on vacation want to be able to spend at least some of their time shopping.  Whether it’s a quick trip to the mall to pick up gifts for the family members left at home or a more extensive perusing of the items which are only available locally, some shopping is going to be a part of the Tallahassee trip.  For locally owned, unique businesses check out  Luckily, Tallahassee is a lot to offer in the way of shopping.

There are two major malls in Tallahassee.  The Governor’s Square Mall located at 1500 Apalachee Parkway is open Monday through Saturday from ten in the morning until nine at night and Sundays from ten to six.   It’s a two level shopping mall with major department stores including Macy’s and JCPenney’s and smaller stores including everything from Abercrombie and Charlotte Russe to Dollar Mania and Limited Too.  Near the Governor's Square Mall is a multi-screen theater and a small strip mall.   The Tallahassee Mall ( is a standard mall which also contains an AMC movie theater.

For those interested in doing specialty shopping outside of the malls, there are a number of options.   One popular area is Midtown on Thomasville Road which features small boutique clothing stores, spas and small Italian food shops, a coffeehouse and a cupcakery.  The best method of finding these shops is to just get out there and walk around and see what catches your eye, but a couple of popular choices are My Favorite Things (home accessory store) Clusters and Hops (wine and cheese shop) Blue Abaco  (jewelry and more) a fabulous boutique featuring unique jewelry and accessories from around the world and if you are feeling crafty you can even design your very own  jewerly at a great Bead shoppe called BEADZ.  Farther north on Thomasville Road are the shops around Market Square.  These include antiques stores, a higher-end glass shop and a few nicer upscale restaurants. 

The 2013 development on Gaines Street and Railroad Square promises to expand on the artsy shops already in evidence there.  In Railroad Square Art Park you will find over 40 locally owned, unique galleries, cafe, vintage stores, a rock climbing gym, comic book store, knitting shop, herbal shop, yoga center, Buddhist center, and more.  Some of the unique shops include The Other Side Vintage, Cosmic Cat Comics, Really Knit Stuff, Athena's Garden, Wonsuponatime Vintage and more.  It is in the heart of Tallahassee nestled in-between FSU, FAMU and Downtown and hosts family friendly events on every First Friday from 6-9pm and other events on many Saturday afternoons.

Many people venture just outside of Tallahassee to go shopping in the village of Havana, a historic town where arts and crafts and antique collectibles are easily found.