Manatee Viewing

The manatee is an aquatic mammal (air breathing, young born alive) which is commonly found in Florida waters. It is a large, slow moving, plant-eating, warm blooded animal. The average adult is about 10 feet long and weighs approximately 1200 pounds. It has a large, seal-like body that tapers to a large flat tail.  Its forelimbs are shaped as flippers.

Although usually found in Florida's coastal waters, rivers, and springs, in the colder months some manatees congregate around warm water sources such as the Tampa Electric Company Power Plant water discharge pipes in Tampa Bay near Tampa. Each year, from November 1 to April 15, Tampa Electric welcomes visitors to their Manatee Viewing Center which has an educational exhibit and walkways around the water. Admission is free.

For nature lovers this is an interesting little excursion.

AirHeads Trampoline Arena

AirHeads is a super fun place to visit while you're in Tampa. AirHeads is fun for the entire family. They have open jumping, trampoline dodgeball, a huge arcade and a full cafe. Admission is free and it cost $17.95 to jump for the day (you can re enter).  You need grip socks to jump, which cost $2.85 (tip- save them for your next visit).