The charm and allure of Blue Ridge is wrapped up in the natural beauty of its mountains, rivers and lakes. Lake Blue Ridge is one of the most unsoiled tranquil spots in the Georgia mountains. As pristine as its waters are, the real beauty can only be captured from atop one of a seemingly endless array of mountain vistas lookng down upon it.  With so much to offer in climate and natural wonder it's still surprising that the local population has remained so tiny.  As more cabins have sprung from the earth little remote "so far back up in the woods they have to pump the daylight in" Blue Ridge is fast becoming a weekend destination for a lot of Atlanta weekenders. And rightfuly so with its clean waters, unspoiled mountians, fresh air and bountiful country cooking seemingly devoid of threat or stress. Drinking water tastes pure, clean and refreshing straight out of the tap.  It's quiet in Fannin County, and in that stillness nature is still audible.  The morning sunrise welcoming instead of like some one had fired a starters pistol and it's off to the races again. The local population is helpful, friendly to a fault. No worries here. The kind of small town where there was never a need to fret over having a flat tire as any one of a host of total strangers would be apt to stop and help you, free of charge as that's not the guiding light of neighbors here. Bottom line is it's easy to get comfortable in Blue Ridge. The Toccoa River offers swimming , fising, tubing, canoeing and follows its majestic course for miles through the area. It's the largest of a host of  speedy water creeks and rivers. 

Along with the lake and mountains, Blue Ridge has many unique goings on. They have fresh seafood at a small market. They have one of Georgia's few remaining drive-in movies which features first run movies not the 'b' grade flicks drive ins first melted their butter on and were known for in their hey day. Not only that but the Swan Drive in is a family place with a nifty snack bar. No longer a passion pit, it's a place for families to enjoy a double feature on the weekend secure in their spot and not afraid to walk around in the dark with their kids. There are many fast food venues available but even more local mom and poppers with wholesome food in many varieties served with pride and deserving of praise in most cases. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad is a pleasant diversion offering a bit of history along with the enchantment of a locomotive ride through the mountians. Antique shops dot Main Street where real home made fudge if offered for sale. All this comes naturally here. Where else can you find an antique store with a small fudge venue tucked away in a corner just because the owner likes fudge. There is a coffee shop  named L & L Beanery which a serves besides coffee, 100% fruit smoothies and frappes. It is located in an historical bank  built in 1926 across from the train complete with the attraction of the walk-in vault.  Hiking over ridge lines brings the paths together in Blue Ridge in a wonder of waterfalls, rushing white water and clean fresh air.