Perhaps the most telling aspect of Helen's safety is the fact that little is written or said about it. This could mean it is either a) not an issue, or b) too bad to talk about. Considering Helen's size and location, it's a; safety is not a pressing issue in Helen, a quiet little burg designed for tourists more than con artists. Recent statistics show low per capita crime rates and, as such, White County's motto is, "Where the good life is even better." All this aside, it should be noted that Helen is a popular tourist destination and as such, there is always a risk of getting taken financially advantage of when the demand (for hotels, tour guides, festivals) is high. More than anything, it seems you'll have to watch your wallet in your OWN hands with all the temptations that abound. Should you run into anything else more dangerous, you'll want to contact the White County Sheriff's Office, which is reponsible for law enforcement in Helen. They're located in Cleveland and patrol Helen; they can be contacted at 706-865-5177.