Helen's location in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Chatahoochee River gives it a varying climate but with few extremes. Summertime temperatures range from 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to 50 degrees at night. During the winter months, temperatures can reach a low of 20 degrees at night to a high of 60 degrees during the day. Helen enjoys a cool Blue Ridge breeze year round, making its summers more comfortable and its winters slightly cooler. 

Outdoor enthusiasts would do well to visit Helen in the spring or fall months, when the temperatures stay at a balmy  70 to 80 degrees, perfect for Helen's alpine outdoor recreationg. January and March are the wettest months, and Helen gets a total of 81 inches of rain during the year, so rain may be a constant possible, but nothing compared to other popular outdoor destinations. Helen's popular and long Oktoberfest usually falls on the cooler weekends in the fall, so bring a sweater. Whenever you go, Helen offers plenty of indoor shopping and recreation, though the comfortable climate beckons to be taken advantage of all year long.