Helen's a convenient 85 miles northeast of Atlanta, where most visitors fly in to visit North Georgia. The Atlanta airport offers numerous rental car services, but the drive to Helen might take up to 2 hours as the airport is on the south side of Atlanta. From the airport, you'll take I-85 north to US-129 north and GA-75. Half the trip is on freeway, the other half on two-lane roads, but once you get into the mountains, your drive will surely delight. Many visitors also choose to stop through Helen on their roadtrips, as it is a slight detour from Atlanta, I-85, and Chattanooga, TN. Helen is serviced by several Georgia roads -- 17, 75, 356, 255 -- and US-129. 

 For departing, reverse your drive and plan on an extra 45 minutes or so to navigate traffic around Atlanta and its freeways. For certain activities, tour companies may arrange shuttles from the Atlanta airport. Plan your vacation accordingly--transportation in Helen is easy, as is parking in the city (by foot is best), so it's just the trip in and out that need to be considered.