One of the best activities in the village is taking a tour of the Glynn Art Association Gallery in the village. The gallery features work from local artists and is a great place to buy a print or a handmade coffee mug to remember your visit. The gallery is located directly across from the casino in the cream colored building that looks a bit art deco with all the curved windows. Glynn Art Association is free to the public and keeps regular hours, opening at 9am.

     Inside, the gallery dispalys quality artwork in a variety of different media. There is also a working pottery studio where members not only create their work, but also teach classes several days a week. Another studio is devoted to paintng or drawing classes. Some of the workshops are weekly, over the weekend, and some are even daily walk-in, so you might want to sign up for one during your vacation to rekindle or discover your artistis talents. Ask at the front desk for a schedule of classes. Many people miss this attraction, but it's right there on Beachview Drive in the village.