Stone Mountain, both the town and the state park, are very safe places to visit.  The area is known as a family destination, with the park being a major attraction for its natural beauty and special events as well for its close proximity to Atlanta, where many of its visitors originate.  Most likely the things that you will have to most worry about in Stone Mountain are nature-related.  Temperatures there do tend to get very hot during the summer, up into the 90's, and the atmosphere is also very humid, making it feel even hotter.  For this reason, if you are hiking on the mountain, or just walking around town, it is very important that you remember to bring and drink an adequate amount of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.  Along the same lines, whether you are visiting Stone Mountain in the summer or during the winter, it is also important to remember to use sunblock when spending a great deal of time outside.  This is especially true for children. 

If you follow these simple tips, your visit to Stone Mountain should prove to be both safe and fun!