Constructed during the late 19th Century, the University of Chicago officially held its first class on October 1, 1892.  For a general overview of the school, including its history and division of schools, check out this University of Chicago Information page, provided by Wikipedia.

            The University of Chicago has recently been ranked (by various publications) in the top ten for undergraduate programs amongst nationwide universities.  Amongst many other impressive rankings, it was also ranked the 8th best University in the world by a certain publication in 2006.

            Most of the University is located a few miles from downtown Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  The buildings on campus were designed in the late 19th century with a neo-Gothic style of architecture, and they are a sight to be seen.  Check out this Picture of the Campus to get a visual idea. 

            There are eight dorm buildings around campus, which generally house first year students.   Check out this Virtual Dorm Tour to get an idea of what things look like.   The university is privately funded, and has a relatively small enrollment of a little over 4,000 undergraduate students and around 8,900 professional and graduate students.   Interested in applying to the University of Chicago?   Check out this Prospective Students page for more information.