There are two major league baseball teams in Chicago - the Cubs and White Sox. Although Wrigely Field, home of the Cubs, has more aesthetic and historical appeal, the "atmosphere" breeds a twenty-something, frat scene. Comiskey (US Celluar) provides a more laidback, kid-friendly day at the park.


  • Located just off the Red Line of the el (towards Sox/95th), the park is only about 20 min from Downtown. Driving is not a good option, so it allows for the kids to ride the train, both underground and above.
  • Although the White Sox are the 2005 World Series Champions, they are still the "second" team in Chicago. This allows for cheaper ticket prices and less sold-out game nights. Both Mondays and Tuesdays have discounted tickets and Thursdays are $1 hot dogs
  • Speaking of hot dogs, Comiskey has the best representation of Chicago-style food in one location. Second to Warsaw, Chicago's Polish population is represented via sausage at the park and is EXCELLENT (with grilled onions!). Also notable are the Churros, curly fries and Home Run Inn pizzas. Don't forget to grab a Chicago hot dog, either...remember, no ketchup!
  • New to the park is the Pontiac Grand Slam deck, which is an in-field replica over the left-field seats. Kids can have a chance to hit a home run in this fake ballpark, played on the jumbo-tron during the game, and win a Bank One gift card. They can also take pics behind players' cut outs and have the chance to be a "sportscaster" and announce the next batter up (also heard through the PA in the park!).  (Lower level not accessible without a lower level ticket)
  • On the main level, behind the outfield seats, there are a couple great areas for kids. The  "dunk" tank shower can cool them off in the summer, along with misting walkway; kids love this area!  Also, there's batting and pitching cages: allowing them to hit against a bluescreen pitcher and pitch to a radar to show them how fast they're throwing.  (Lower level not accessible without a lower level ticket)
So, instead of battling the crowds and beerfest at Wrigley, take your kids to see the World Series Winning Chicago White Sox and they're beautiful family-friendly ballpark.