Chicago is one the most beautiful cities in the world.  The club scene here is phenomenal and are optimal places to choose from for people watching.

One of the best places to check out for people watching has always been Le Passage.  It got brought over by some new owners....they own a few really good bars and clubs in the city like...Evil Olive (in Wicker Park..a more chill crowd)..Cans (Wicker Park too..great to hang out at) and Salud...

Le Passage is now called Le Passage Discotheque and The Drawing Room, and the crowd there is all very swanky.

Most of the guys there look like they are off of wall street, and the girls are exquisitely dressed, like footballers' wives -- very Victoria Beckham style, well put together. 

The nice thing about it is the new interior design.  Over at the Drawing Room which is connected to Le Passage, it looks like a classic cocktail lounge, and they have a nice small plate dining menu to choose from.

Highly recommended for anyone that wants to check out a good looking crowd...definitely a good looking crowd

The service at Le Passage Discotheque makes one feels like a VIP there, and that's probably why it's one of the hotter places in Chicago. right now.Le Passage websitetanya and sharon @ le passagejenny, me and tanya @ le passage