Galena's culture is shaped from its early beginnings. It was for many, many years, originally the home of the Fox and Sac Indians and later became a hotspot for early American settlers because of its lead mines. People flocked here during these times bringing a bustling energy to the city. Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, both played their role here and the history of Galena is felt throughout its historic downtown. Much of the city's original look has remained and the city did not outgrow itself or expand rapidly after its original heyday. Today it is holds on to a smaller Americana culture and represents the true feeling of the Midwest.

You will find that people say "hi" to one another on the streets here, people are smiling, making small talk (usually about the weather), and helping one another out. There is a true sense of community in Galena. The people here are active in the outdoors as well, sport and particularly golf are big in Galena.

Because the city did not expand much after its first growth period, Galena is not exceptionally racially diverse; unfortunately the population of Native Americans has dwindled significantly in the area as well.

Galena is big on celebrating Halloween and Christmas, you are sure to see the community out and active for these holidays.