Galena is a great place for families. Known as a weekend getaway, especially from Dubuque, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, or even St. Louis and St. Paul, Galena offers a preservation of early American culture and architecture. As one of the National Register's Historic Places, Galena makes for an educational trip; it is loaded with state buildings and sites. The city is surrounded by historical markings to help guide you through the rich facts and landmarks.

The following places should be marked on your Galena tour for their historical value, all of them now have either tourist information, artificats, or a museum. The DeSoto House is a great place to see early American architecture. Built in 1855, the DeSoto house on Main Street was a hotel and a social gathering place for the city. Its claim to fame is that Abraham Lincoln once delivered a speech from an upper balcony of the house.The Old Market State Historic Site was built in 1847. The building is an example of Greek Revival architecture. Another fine example of Greek Revival is in the Washburne State Historical Site which boasts retaining almost everything from its originality. The Ulysses S. Grant Historic House has been preserved and restored to show off its post-civil war look.  

The Historical Society and Museum is the most one-stop when it comes to getting in your Galena history. Although just walking around the town provides historic enrichment in itself.

One may fear that all this history will be enough to bore a child to sleep; but Galena is kid friendly and there are plenty of gift shops, restaurants, and sweet snack joints to perk up the family when they need a break from the history lesson.