The best time to visit Oak Park is probably during the summer or fall. Though summer offers the warmest temperatures, the days can sometimes be unpleasantly hot and muggy, reaching as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of humidity. But summer is also the best time for many outdoor activities and special events in nearby Chicago. During the fall, the skies are still sunny while the crowds are considerably thinner. And rest assured that the snow typically doesn’t start to fall until early December. Spring is another option, though the weather can be a gamble. Temperatures fluctuate from comfortably warm to surprisingly chilly, often with plenty of rain. Winter is a fine time to visit as long as you plan to stick to indoor attractions. If you can brave the cold weather, which includes downright raw temperatures and occasional blizzards, you will be rewarded with virtually no crowds, short lines, inexpensive hotel rates, and uncrowded flights.