Rockford offers a whole range of sporting activities for both participants and spectators.  Some of the top local choices include:

  • Car racing – Rockford visitors can be spectators of car racing fun at Blackhawk Farms Raceway and Rockford Speedway.
  • Golf – There are numerous nine-hole and eighteen-hole golf courses in Rockford , a city which has won awards for its public courses.  See for more details on enjoying this sport in the area.
  • Ice Skating – There are two ice skating rinks in Rockford , the Carlson Ice Arena and the Riverview Ice House, which are fun spots for people of all ages.
  • Parks – There are numerous parks throughout the city which offer forums for jogging and Frisbee games. One of the favorite parks is Sinnissippi Park ; see for more information.

  • River Fun – The Rock River is a great place for travelers to go to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing and other river sports.

  • Sportscore – There are two different sports complexes in the city (Sportscore I and Sportscore II) where visitors can go to pick up games of soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, and other semi-competitive games.
For information on these activities, locations and the other sporting events in the area, travelers should check out the city’s informative recreation web page at .